Civil law, as part of the legal system of the state, regulates property and personal relations of citizens. The basic principle is the equality of the parties, inviolability of all forms of property, freedom of choice to enter into contracts the inadmissibility of arbitrary interference in private affairs the peaceful exercise of civil rights, provision of redress and the remedy.

Regional features of the Kingdom are the fact that civil law in Thailand has no division as civil and commercial. The Civil and Commercial Code adopted in 1935 after long lawmaking activities, consists a six books. The first two are devoted to general principles and obligations. The third book covers certain types of contracts, the fourth book to ownership. The fifth and sixth books contain family and inheritance law.

Civil Code 1896 was the overall framework of the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand in 1935. In addition, civil and commercial law in France, Switzerland and Japan has used the provisions. The provisions on certain types of contracts reveal the influence of English common law.

Family Law of the Kingdom of Thailand based on traditional Thai legal norms and customs, although slightly modified in accordance with the concepts of German and Swiss law.

Inheritance law based on French, German and Japanese laws, as well as Thai customs.

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  • Legal analysis for compliance with the subject of investing. Investment risks discussion. Financial and construction expertise, audit (Due diligence).
  • Agreements.
  • Ownership registration for property owners.
  • Protecting the private and company interests.
  • Powers of attorney, wills, marriage contracts and other notarial acts.
  • Adoption of minors.
  • Legal document translation, interpreter in Thai Courts.
  • Representing clients in negotiations.

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