Dear Partners!

Development in the field of professional cooperation are impossible without your participation and opinion. Our common goal is a benefit to our mutual customers and the result.

Practice shows that the quality results require full attention!

Investment, Design, Construction, Financing, Insurance, Expertise, Real Estate, Legal support – links in a chain and the key to success.

Regarding the quality of execution of work there are disputes and disagreements. This usually happens when you do not have experience in the conclusion of the current transaction or the work ahead.

Experience – is saving of time, finances, enhance assets, pleasant communication and implementation of the plans.

Achieving a result, it is only the first step in a relationship. After a while, you may find restrictions on your rights on the agreements, which at first glance not considered essential, infringes your legal interests. The legal information can be express in a difference of understanding points of the contract in English, Thai or Russian, a complex interpretation of legal terms, their meaning and understanding to the Parties. Such misunderstandings have questioned the selection of experts for analysis, implementation and monitoring.

Partners of LOKART INTERNATIONAL – are experienced professionals. Our partners complement the legal component of expertise in project development, finance, insurance, construction, hotel and tourism services, real estate, licensing and other services.

We invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation!

Kind regards,

Mr. Serge Treshchev
General Director