How We Are Working


Dear Clients and Partners!

How to choose a lawyer? The criteria for selection are individual and depend on the category of the case, based on trust during the initial meeting or phone conversation. The client recommendations, success, cost, connections, flexibility in decision-making, a high percentage of successful cases, a good team, feedback, etc., are all important factors. Achieving goals is a result of work. The result is always important. It requires a measured decision and a strategy for success. In addition, professionalism and experience are what sets winners apart.

We provide legal consultations to ensure a proper understanding of the situation, how to approach it, and finding ways to restore lost rights. Let’s start with the contract. The higher the legal quality of the contract, the clearer the terms, deadlines, obligations, conditions for the assignment of rights, termination of relationships and guarantees. An important subject in proceedings is evidence. Payments, correspondence, facts, and witness statements will help establish a dominant legal position in the court process.

Our lawyers will examine all materials relevant to the case, study tactical moves and prospects, taking into account possible legal strategies. After the legal review, it is possible to assess the chances of success. The lawyer will prepare a claim and send it to the defendant. In the case of a positive response and engagement with the claim, we will negotiate and discuss possible compromise solutions to resolve the situation. A possible solution is signing a compromise agreement. In the case of ignoring the response to the claim, we will proceed with the option of judicial proceedings and recommend starting the process as soon as possible.

Criminal proceedings differ from civil cases in that a legal action has taken place, and the suspect needs urgent assistance to protect their rights during investigative actions, giving statements, understanding the further course of events, and settling the situation, taking into account all possible circumstances. Before developing a defense strategy in a criminal case, lawyers engage in personal conversations, study protocols, witness testimonies, video materials, evidence, and clues.

With twenty years of experience in resolving conflicts and disputes, participating in civil and criminal cases, we can confidently affirm our results through grateful testimonials from our clients and a high percentage of successful cases.